Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Publication and Reading!!

Getting a relatively new poem published in Lummox 2, "Thought I Saw Four Dogs On My Drive". You can preview it by clicking on this... > http://issuu.com/poetraindog/docs/lummox_2sampler/1

And come to the publication reading at Beyond Baroque on Sunday, November 30th at 7pm to buy a copy of the complete Lummox 2, featuring many fine poets like: John Brantingham, CaLokie, Michael C. Ford, Amelie Frank, Jerry Garcia, Joe Gardner, Taylor Graham, Lalo Kikiriki, Ronald Koertge, Julie LeMay, Lyn Lifshin, Victoria Locke, Ellaraine Lockie, Gerald Locklin, Rick Lupert, Radomir Luza, Ellyn Maybe, Terry McCarty, Daniel McGinn, Raundi Moore-Kondo, Christopher Mulrooney, Alice Pero, BC Petrakos, A. Razor, Lisa Sandoval, Nancy Shiffrin, Apryl Skies, Wanda VanHoy Smith, Julia Stein, Kevin P. Sullivan, G. Murray Thomas, Tim Tipton, Mary Torregrossa, Charles Webb, Mel Weisburd, and Terry Wolverton!

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