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Finally got my copy in the mail...

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40 pages featuring 26 new poems composed between September 2017 and February 2018. Pick up your copy for just $5 at any Saturday Afternoon Poetry in Pasadena event or order it online by going to and sending payment of $7 (includes $2 shipping) to

REVIEWS: A Poet to Learn From

Don Kingfisher Campbell’s poetry never fails to surprise its readers with unusual language and images. Get ready to be stunned by twenty-six fresh poems from his latest chapbook “Play House.”
One thing I admire about Don is he brings out the unexpected in the ordinary—a browned banana, a stuffed alien, a little girl in the supermarket, etc. He gives his readers microscopic glimpses into what he experiences by resorting to the concrete and literal instead of clich├ęd metaphors. Love is not expressed by the moon and the stars but a “paisley comforter” and “cleanly cased pillows.” That’s what you will see in his opening poem “Play House.” Don is daring in his choices of subjects, not avoiding but confronting the controversial and uncomfortable. You will see that in the second poem in this dynamic collection. Don’s poetry is unpretentious but effective. He has a vast vocabulary which enables him to give everything he describes proper names and details. He is definitely a master of modern poetry. ~ Jackie Chou

What happens if you are a nationally published poet as well as a poetry publisher and teacher and you enter the DKC Play House and your website date asks you, “What is your profession?” As you tour this funky Play House and come to poem 26, “The Year of Being Single", you can readily see the true course of love runs no more smoother in our digital times than it did in Shakespeare’s age. But fret not. If Romeo had lived with modern plumbing, he may well have expressed his love for Juliet in similar words as in the tenth poem, “I’m going to take a shower now.” But be careful, Juliet, if you’re carnivorous. In “Animals” DKC sees “you spoon the dead into your mouth.” Kingfisher has also a few cosmic poems I like. I found out for example in “Analogy Planets” that Mercury is “just another pockmarked rock.” Many may take exception to argument in poem 31, “God,” saying the reason God “created matter and anti-matter” was "to fill the void in his life” but I find it most plausible. I enjoyed my visit to the DKC Play House and believe you will also.-- Carl Stilwell aka CaLokie
Loved much of it. Liked it all. Favorites were 1 Hit Wonders, Things asked on first dates.Wait! I 'm not through.... And The Year of Being Single but those are the bias picks of a guy married to the same dame 48 years. A bit of a voyeur. I enjoyed the metaphor of comets crashing and the reminiscent tone of Rialto. Yes, for me Play House was a joyful romp.~ Gregory Foster

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Now available on

featuring four of my poems


My poem "Near Happy Valley" in...

...Pure Slush, now available on

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A seventh poem of mine published by AOTHAM! A pre-Valentine's Day treat... >

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A sixth poem published by...!

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My fifth poem published by... >

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My fourth poem published on this site... >

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My third poem published on this site... >

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I have four poems (Why I look forward to bedtime, Analogizing Marriages, She, and 25 Extremely Beautiful Minerals) published in this new book... >

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Got another poem today in... >

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My poem "Intersection Rock" has been published on... >

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My prose poem "Justification for a Home Library" was published today in...

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Two early twenty-first century poems of mine published now on... >

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My poem "Near Happy Valley" has been published in... >

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Download three of my chapbooks for FREE today only: Always Been A Surfer, The Man Who Loves The Clouds, and Munchies! Here is the address to go get 'em... >

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Three poems published here. Here they are (photos courtesy Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, still waiting for my copy to arrive):

Of Knowledge, Knowing (whole poem not depicted)

Only Two People / The Big Bang

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Publication Reading!

I have a poem published (Hello from Yellowstone) in Issue #3 of Incandescent Mind...

...but this first open reader wants to take a selfish selfie... I can settle back and enjoy the reading!

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Yesterday afternoon I featured reading my poems by subject request: (Quantum Physics) Transient, (Snacks) The Planet of the Oreos, (Sex) Science, (Rectangles) The Rectangle People, and (Cigarettes) Growth...

...and sold a few books too!