Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lunchtime Faculty Poetry Reading @ Roosevelt High 5/5/09

First we chowed down on the Cinco de Mayo deliciousness.
(Poet Don Newton to my left and poet Ron Baca behind us.)

Then we took turns reading.

My turn to read.

I performed "Top Of The News", a love poem from CAMPBELL'S CLASSICS:

Scientists have cracked
the DNA code of rice,
but I'm still figuring how
you found me attractive

Discovery's astronauts
braved the unknown,
I simply wish to add onto
our many years of memories

Gunmen kidnapped a
senior Iraqi official,
you captured me
a long time ago for good

Fire crews worried
about Western Montana,
I don't have to worry about
the sparks we always make

Israeli troops prepare
for Gaza pullout,
you better believe I hope to
never live in a Laura-free zone

Best-selling author
Judith Rossner has died,
yet you may rest assured
you are my immortal muse

Bear opens garage door,
enters Alaska home; reminds me
of the joy I get when I walk
into our apartment every day

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