Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sunday, September 12th · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

3191 Casitas Ave, #156, Los Angeles, CA 90026
(free parking at Casitas & Minneapolis)

Our monthly, 2nd Sunday OPEN WORDSPACE, hosted by Beth Cheng.

Bring your fall matters (I'm thinking that could mean a few things) and read your new material - fiction, poetry, CNF, music, and more. Last months episode rocked with amazing features, 10 opens and about 35 people in the wordspace.

THREE FEATURES - we know Bill Ratner will be there, and Pam Ward and Don Kingfisher Campbell!

6:30 Sign up
7:00 Start
Donate $3-5 dollars and keep the space alive and well!

BILL RATNER is one of America’s most popular voice-over performers, narrating movie trailers and science programs, the voice of Flint on G.I. Joe and Family Guy, a four-time Story Slam winner at The Moth in Los Angeles, and a founding actor of the Minnesota Ensemble Theater.

PAM WARD, Los Angeles native, first novel "Want Some, Get Some," Kensington, chronicles L.A. after the ’92 riots. Her second novel, "Bad Girls Burn Slow,” lifts the lid off the funeral business. A UCLA graduate and “California Arts Council Fellow,” Pam merged writing and graphics and produced “My Life, LA: The Los Angeles Legacy Project” documenting the impact of Angelinos through poster/stories. She also published, The Supergirls Handbook, the first anthology featuring Los Angeles Black female poets. Pam recently completed her third novel, “Stoves Don’t Cry.”

DON KINGFISHER CAMPBELL, host of Saturday Afternoon Poetry in Pasadena, editor of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, recently published in Phantom Seed and Mentoring Poems, new chapbook: Memories Of Distance, two books: Amongst The Detritus and Campbell's Classics, and you can download his poetry album Eternal Epitaph at Want a poet in your classroom? Email:

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  1. Don,
    So nice of you to mention me in your blog. Looking forward to Sunday at WordSpace. I'be been working on a play for w-a-y too long and am finally presenting the first ten minutes of it with me, Brenda, and actor Chris Young doing the reading. I notice you're a poet. I was just in Minnesota in early August and passed out flyers at the National Poetry Slam for a storytelling show I produced in Mpls. The poets I heard in the parks were great - tons of spoken word of many stripes and styles.
    Bill Ratner