Sunday, October 23, 2011

Amsterdam Cafe!

Here's a video of one of the poems I performed there:

Because I'm A Performer In The Theater Of Life

switch on the microphone
so I can tell you
how I feel about today

you're all seated in rows
this reminds me
I am coupled

watch the clock tick away
I don't sense it
because my mind is busy

step down the stairs
hear the creaking
oh yeah
time is passing

so slide out the screen
let me see
the film of our life together

open the door
allow the sun and wind in
to help me remember
how it feels to be in love

turn up the lights
so all can sight
whom I love so dearly

listen to the speakers
thunder the depth
of my feeling

spot those plugged outlets
prods on how well
we fit together

cover the exit sign
because I don't wish to find
out when our love ends

pull the fire alarm
I want everyone to know
I'm in love with you

thank you audience
your energy makes me
take it all in
a hundred times more

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