Monday, August 6, 2012

Featured Host!

I was a host, featured poet and writing workshop leader on Saturday evening for Poetrypalooza at the Friends Cafe in Monrovia.  I also performed "Eaton Canyon Alien" with featured musician Barry Schwam (above left) on the Theramin.  Here's the poem I wrote in the workshop (metaphorically using objects in the room):


I love to write fresh poems
They smell like steaming coffee

The flowers in my brain
get posted on a small paper bulletin board

Then people can see the menu
of my thoughts, like watching
the spots on a spotted chair

Each line is an easel
for a feeling
hanging like a lamp

Sometimes I think I am
a soda can wanting to
outshine a plate of cake

But the truth is I wish something more
to be as ubiquitous as the imitation wall clock
on your laptop

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