Sunday, January 12, 2014

Workshop and Reading!!

On Friday night I led a poetry writing workshop as part of the Zzyzx Poets reading series at Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea in El Sereno.  Here is the poem I composed using the objects that surrounded us in the patio area there:

Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea Love


Because I needed a coat of arms around me

To spark a golden sun deep inside my chest


Someone to string Christmas lights on my heart

Instead of a daily cactus bird cage existence


I happened upon the light bulb woman

Who turned us into a poker and a fireplace


Our declarations became hanging word lanterns

Screaming out steaming hot chocolate warmth


To transform life to live beside cool ferns

And well-placed bricks beneath our feet

1 comment:

  1. Oh How I Miss Those Creative Moments With Friends And Strangers. I Live Out Here, Exiled To The Barrens Of A Creative Waste Land With Only My Cat's Evil Eyes Condemning Me.