Saturday, April 30, 2016

Guest Poet x 2!!

On Monday, CaLokie and I spent the morning as Guest Poets for four 8th grade classes in the school library.

I performed my new poem In Junior High (from my cellphone) and poems from this collection (Back to the Future, Bamboo Discipline, French Toast, Green, and Wanna Go With Me?), 

Yesterday, for the 17th consecutive year, I visited Mrs. Guarino's Creative Writing class...

...where I read them poems from my new chapbook (Human Minds, Nimbus, In Junior High, Force, Allusive Sights, and When Doves Cry Prince Dies)


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    1. Removed the remark when I realized I had no pix on this account. That has always been one of my fave pix.

  2. I really like the names of your Chap Book. Whats with the Spock wave?